Sunday, 19 April 2015

Momiji Japanese Buffet <3

          Momiji Japanese Buffet      

        (Unlimited King Crab Legs)

My first experience stepping in and give it a shot. Considering myself one of the Japanese food lover, that's why I'm here :) Arriving time at 7.30pm and it seems really crowded. Btw, if u r a beer drinking there are free flow of sapporo beers from 6.30 to 7.30pm  

  Pretty nice environment 
 The first thing on my mind when I'm here.... Chawamushi :) yum yum 
Check out what I've got on my plate
! Chawamushi, Sashimi, fried and lastly King Crab legs!!! Haha, feeling so happy :) Though it's free flow but not to forget there are plenty of other delicacy waiting to be devoured! I have to control not to stuff myself up yet haha..
There are many different of Hot Pot! Wooo... It is always nice to have something hot for dinner and this girl is cooking sashimi prawns instead of eating it raw haha but either way taste nice too :) 
           Happy monthsary <3
We celebrating our monthsary and spending quality time together with good food. Best deal uh ! Haha!!

              KING PRAWN  
This is one of Linda's favorite. Not sure how many have she eaten but I think she ate more then 8 king prawn by herself haha! 

What I love best about this restaurant is that, we get to DIY our waffles! I couldn't resist their ice cream too. (Haagen daaz) 

That's all folks! Remember to make your bookings earlier to avoid disappointment. 

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