Thursday, 30 April 2015

Penang Culture


                      Century Square 
             2 Tampines Central 5 
                Singapore 529509 
                  Tel: 6789 8180 
     Operation Hour: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

After getting our movies tickets, we still have an hour before our show. We plan to find a place to settle down for our dinner and we found this place call Penang Culture , came across word "Penang " ‘delicious street food’ and ‘culinary mecca’ instantly comes to mind. So we decided to give it a try :) 

                     SELFIE ME
               SELFIE HER
             MY SELECTION 

With the various selection of delicious Penang street food I finally chosen something, premium Crab Meat & Salted Eggs Fried Kway Teow . yum yum ! 

Looked as if nothing much special compared to those normal Fried Kway Teow out there. This plate proves me wrong, the taste was awesome, my girl loved the wok hei taste, the sweetness and saltness come from the crabmeat and salted eggs blends really well ! Whoo

              HER SELECTION 

I was wondering what makes her choose this dish. Where you can easily get it anywhere else.

The aroma of fried prawn heads and shells that went into the soup was just so right. Took a spoonful of the soup, it was indeed a bowl of goodness. Of course, not forgetting the chilli used for the noodles. 

So we decide to have Tom Yum Soup as well , guess what " the taste is totally the same as the Authentic Thai tom yum I had back in the Bkk holidays. I was impressed, impressed that I'm actually getting the right taste from this Penang culture instead of any Thai restaurant. I enjoyed my dinner at a relaxing  environment with a great value for their food. I would definitely be back to try their other dishes! 

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