Friday, 3 April 2015

Sweet time

    Hifumi Japanese Restaurant 
               Marina Square 
        Unit: #02-106A/106B Hifumi Japanese Restaurant offers customers with free flow appetizer for any set meal ordered. Here's what I've ordered: Kimchi Oyster Hotpot and my side of appetizers ❤️ YUM YUM  
I can't wait to eat, I'm so famished. My girl ( Linda-the ) insisted to take a pic of me before I can eat😞 
Girls..... Haha! 
It's my turn to take a picture of her before the food is served.❤️
Check out our delish orders! We are having a great time having a wonderful dinner once again ❤️ Life is all about having great food to end the day. Unhappy mood be gone! 

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