Wednesday, 1 April 2015


        ❤️PHOTO OF THE DAY❤️ 
Everyone granted a half day off to have a company leisure activities and lunch after hectic weeks! Awesome picture of us.  

           ✨ DESTINATION✨
We have decided to settle down at BALI THAI RESTAURANT, located at I12 KATONG, Level 2.
Well ,the food is good. Very Interesting concept of Indo, Asian cuisine that comes together in a casual, unpretentious setting. Modern, chic yet anchored in an Asian tradition. 
             ✨ RELAXATION ✨

After our wonderful lunch, we head down for a movie. I can't really remember when is the last time I had movie in the noon! Haha, Anyway, it's better than working right ! :p LET'S GO ~

                GOLD CLASS 
It's my first time watching at a such luxurious theatre. Well-spent afternoon! 

It was a good stay with FDP. Everyone have their dream, I've decided to pursue what I want. 

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