Monday, 11 May 2015

First photoshoot with love


PHOTOGRAPHY: Ferry Tan (9006 7188) (


*The Modern Rapunzel

Having long tresses has always been a trend. Koreans are interesting people. They took the lead and a twist from a convenient hair trend into what favoured by many- the Korean hairstyle. The secret ingredient is, yet again, an impeccable cut. Korean hairstylist does not or seldom do layering for their customers – all the charm resides in the texture of the hair. 

Wavy or pin-straight, with or without bangs, the modern Rapunzel’s hair is always in perfect condition. This is why special attention must be payed not only to the cut. 
I did an ampoule treatment for Linda the day before the shoot to ensure her hair is in good condition when I start styling for her. It also helps to strengthen her hair from any harsh chemicals or heat from the thong during the prep. 

I came out with an Asian inspired Rapunzel look - vintage with a pinch of class for my shoot.

Let's do it :) 
Ferry have gotten eveything ready before I entered his studio. 

Finally done curling up her hair and  
she is going to change her outfit for the shoot . 
Before the shoot we managed to grab a welfie. SAY CHEESEEEEE!
                  Here's a test shot. 

Here comes the successful shost for our shoot. 
                 FINAL LOOK  #1
             FINAL LOOK #2

What do you guys think? I'm actually very satisfied with the final result and my hardwork pays off!   :) 
                        LOOK #3
After finishing up the two wonderful   shoots, I've added in an additional shoot with a different hair updo this time that further enhance the classiness and added more touch to the vintage feel that I'm looking forward to share with you guys! 
              FINAL LOOK #3

Nothing's comes easy without hardwork, mistakes make me grow and I don't know what will happen in future but  I know I have a goal, I will fight for it even if I fail at least I tried :) 

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