Thursday, 25 June 2015

Who am I


                 About Me ?
People who came across my Instagram and Facebook would have know I'm a hair stylist. I started off as a shampoo boy at the age of 14. My family used to own HAIR CULTURE and that's where I started doing haircut and stuff. Have anyone heard of Hair Culture ? It's been 26 year under my family belt, whenever it's my school holiday, the first things on my to-do list was to have a new haircut, color or highlight!  
This photo was taken when I'm 15 or 16 :) don't laugh at me! :(  I was told by many that this image looked too Beng which mean (gangster) hahah !  I still remember what my dad told me before I made the decision to carry on this line, to be a hair stylist just like them and he said " Son, if u wanna learn hair skills, don't worry dad and aunty can teach u but u must be better than anyone of us one day otherwise forget about learning it"  Hahaha, the first thing I replied to him was " how many years do I need to be like u? Two years? Three years? " haha I'm sounded so naive and my dad said " it depend how fast you can adapt and how passionate u are". 

I told my dad one day I will be an award winning stylist or famous stylist in future and do him proud ! 

Two years of intense training, started off as a stylist assistant who only knows some chemical work and wash & blow as my dad restricted me from doing any haircuts. He wanted me to pick up the skills one step at a time. Of course, right at the back of my mind, I'm too anxious to learn everything. 
  This is the test sheet which was given to me when I was having hair assistant practical test ;) nothing comes easy without hardwork. I been through lots of mistake and gave never gave up instead I learn from it. In this journey, I'm so grateful that I've given the opportunity to meet great bosses and international master trainer and top academy principle who is willing to groom me. 

Time has passed. Counting the years, I've been in the hair industry about a decade already thou I'm only 25. Haha! 

There's a long way to go and I will continue to pursue my passion. Bringing the best of me to bring out the best in everybody's hair too! 

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